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Aurora viewing at Aurora Lodge & Aurora Hunting

 Aurora viewing at Aurora Lodge & Aurora Hunting
 Aurora viewing at Aurora Lodge & Aurora Hunting

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About the event

Aurora hunting by bus means the whole night sitting in a crowded space, a very uncomfortable experience.  Winter is always -30/-40, extremely cold. You will travel to different lakes and try different backgrounds.

Aurora viewing in camp means waiting in camp the whole night, comfortale, but only one location. 

Our tour combines these two different styles of Aurora viewing.  We  bring our guests to several different locations to increase the possibility of seeing Aurora. After that, we  bring our guest to a private cabin to rest and wait for Aurora. 

It is nice to have a warm, private place to view Aurora since it is quite annoying when there are too many people in the same place taking pictures.

Before the tour,  our experienced driver and accredited tour guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel or at the front door of where you are staying.  Our tour guide will provide general information to you, including:  weather conditions, specifically chosen locations for that night and precautions for guests.  Out bus departs for Aurora hunting when all our guests of honour are ready.  

We will inspect the night sky for Aurora, so that you do not have to stand outside and freeze while waiting for it. 

We will take pictures for you, no matter how many you want, it is  all free! 

We will drop you off at your hotel or where you are staying and wish you a good night! 

After the tour, we will send a link to you, so you can download your pictures in the original pixel! 

During the tour in Aurora Teepee Lodge, we provide cookies/ hot chocolate/ different tea bags/hot dogs. 

We have various stories from our tour guides, about the Aurora and the City of Yellowknife.  

4-5 hours 


  • Aurora viewing 1 Night

    4-5 hours, including transfer serivce, free pictures

  • Aurora viewing 2 nights

  • Aurora viewing 3 nights




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