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Yellowknife Ice Fishing

Yellowknife Ice Fishing
Yellowknife Ice Fishing

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About the event

Experience the traditional way the First Nation people have fished the lakes for many years – through the ice! The Great Slave Lake is the best in the area for Ice Fishing.

In a demonstration of ice fishing with a net, participants spread out a large net on the ice surface and then use poles or other tools to lift the net and capture fish underneath the ice. This requires the cooperation of many people, as they need to work together to pull the net and ensure its overall integrity. When the net is lifted, spectators can admire the catch of fish.

Ice fishing and observing a demonstration of ice fishing with a net is an enjoyable winter activity that brings fun and experience to participants while also respecting local traditions and cultures.

Enjoy the thrill of landing fish through several feet of ice on a popular ice fishing tour and see how fun it is to go ice fishing.


  • Ice fishing(No lunch)

    Not including Lunch

  • Rainbow cabin ice fishing

    Including lunch (still )still Demonstration

  • Bombardier Ice fishing

    special trasnfer vehciles




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