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Yellowknife Aurora photo tips

In Yellowknife with A full-frame SLR camera and tripod.

😊The lens should preferably be equipped with a wide-angle lens with a large aperture ≤ 24mm;

😊The aperture is preferably below F4, 1.4 is the best

😊The focal length is slightly back at infinity, and the face is clear.

😊It is best to set the sensitivity at around ISO1600-2000 to prevent too much noise in the picture;

😊Exposure time If the camera sensitivity is set to ISO1600, using an F1.4 lens requires an exposure of about 5

😊The aurora doesn't look good if doesn't dance and will look like a cloud.

If the aurora is like this for three nights, it can only be regarded as a consolation prize.

The dancing aurora looks really super cool, but it can't be photographed, it can be recorded.

In fact, there is no need to bring the SLR, it is heavy, we will all take photos for the guests, free photos, and the original image link will be sent to the guests on the same day.

And the Iphone 13 can adjust the ISO to shoot, and the Android phone can do this long time ago.

Bring a mobile phone holder, but it will take 3-5 minutes at minus 30, and the mobile phone will freeze and shut down even you put it on the Hand Warmerstry

Try to wear white hats and gloves. The photos taken in light colors under the aurora look good, and the warm clothes are bright red, which is very eye-catching.

Beautiful photos of the aurora, and you can also see the dancing aurora, which seems to be easy to achieve in Yellowknife.


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